Burglars love to strike when you least expect it. They mostly attack homes during the day when one is at work or when one has traveled for a vacation or business. They mostly target valuables which they can sell for quick cash. Valuables such as documents, jewelry and money are commonly stored in a safe which is concealed in the master bedroom. This is why burglars target the master bedroom first before stealing from other rooms. Below are expert vetted tips that can help you secure your home.

Choose another room to store valuables

As indicated before, burglars strike the master bedroom first where they search for valuables which may have been stored in a safe. Others rummage through the closets and nightstands looking for cash and jewelry that is lying around. For other, they unhook paintings from the wall with the hope of revealing a wall safe. By knowing this and eliminating losing your valuables, it is high time to store your valuables away from the master bedroom. If you have a basement or store, you can request a licensed safe installer to install a safe for you. By having a safe in this location, burglars will not think of looking in that room.

You can also utilize empty bedrooms left after your children have gone to college or moved out. You can hide cash and jewelry in socks where they can be hidden in the drawers. This will be the least suspicious place where burglars will expect you to have hidden your valuables.

Medical alert system companies

Medical alert system companies have bought a peace of mind to people. The companies use medical alert system, a device used by many people to check the medical health of people staying away from them. People usually install it in the home where elders are living alone. They cannot make a telephone call immediately if a medical urgency occurs. So, these systems come with a pendant or as wrist watch each of which has a button on it. Upon hitting the button, they will be immediately get connected with the medical alert system company.

This system can be used by elderly people, pregnant women or even any sick person to send the emergency alert to their concerned people. Because this device is so popular now, it can be purchased from anywhere. But make sure, the system is obtained from an accredited medical alert system company so that they can take care of your people well. For those who are internet savvy, this system can be taken from the company’s website as well.

Grow thorny bushes

Burglars find window latches easy to pry therefore gaining entry into your home. To prevent this, you can plant thorny bushes such as rosebushes beneath windows. This will eliminate chances of the burglars trying to reach a window in order to pry the latch to open.

The thorn bushes will prick any individual who tries to break into your home.

Thorn bushes act as cheap home security systems and also add beauty around your home. To eliminate chances of the burglar cutting them down, you can grow them several inches from the window so that as they mature, they will form a thick hedge which is difficult to cut.

Are you intending to travel? Load your car in the morning

If you are planning a road trip with your family either to visit other family members or visit a nearby city for vacation, it is advisable to load the car early in the morning. Many families pack their cars on the driveway which means when loading, they will have to do it while outside the house. Any burglar who was surveying the neighborhood and saw this happen will automatically know that the house will be empty the next day. This will provide a perfect opportunity for him or her to strike.

To prevent this, Vivint security recommends as a family planning to go for a road trip, you need to load the car early in the morning just before you depart. This will eliminate chances of any individuals spying on your activities to know that you will not be around. By packing early in the morning, it gives you the chance to ensure you have carried everything and all home alarm systems and home security camera systems are left on performing their duty, which is home security monitoring.

Reduce the volume of your phone before traveling

Before leaving your home for a vacation, you need to reduce the volume of your home phone ringer. This will help eliminate any chances of a burglar who was eavesdropping to now that you are not around. A voicemail being recorded means that the home owners are away giving the intruder a perfect opportunity to strike and steal whatever he or she wants.

Double check all locks

6WEBS recommends having contractors working on remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or basement? Are they so many that you can’t keep constant watch over everyone? While fear of an individual unlocking a window or door and leaving it open just before exiting your home is valid, you can prevent intrusion into your home. All you need to do is walk around your home especially the areas they were working on and double check each window and door lock to ensure it is locked. Failure to do so will automatically provide an entry point for the burglar to gain access to your home.